Achieve Together

  • Collaborate across teams and departments
  • Show concern for the needs of others
  • Encourage and support others to take accountability
  • Be receptive to others’ ideas
  • Show pride in each other and our community
  • Take a positive approach
  • Speak in support of group decisions
  • Build on our strengths
  • Take on challenging goals
  • Constructively resolve conflict

Be Progressive

  • Be open to new ideas and technology
  • Bounce ideas off others
  • Generate ideas and solutions that reflect innovative thinking and experiment with new approaches
  • Question the rationale behind current approaches
  • Overcome obstacles to achieve goals
  • Think in unique and independent ways
  • Challenge ourselves and take risks

Customer First

  • Demonstrate a can do attitude
  • Respond to customer requests with empathy
  • Ask questions to confirm your understanding
  • Be open, warm, friendly and tactful
  • Effectively communicate and consult with all stakeholders
  • Make decisions and keep customers informed
  • Seek and respond positively to feedback
  • Simplify procedures and make it easy for customers to do business with us
  • Take the initiative to solve customers’ problems
  • Deliver on what we promise our customers

Demonstrate Integrity

  • Resist conformity and maintain personal integrity
  • Encourage inclusion and embrace diversity
  • Do what you say you will do or advise if not possible
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality
  • Treat each other with dignity and respect
  • Act honestly
  • Accept and share responsibility
  • Call behaviour that is inconsistent with our Values

Pursue Excellence

  • Take ownership of your personal accountabilities and objectives
  • Celebrate individual and team successes
  • Know the business and how you contribute to its success
  • Pursue a high standard in all that we do
  • We grow, learn and improve
  • Strive to be recognised as the best
  • Embrace change
  • Creatively solve problems